Red Rocks Counseling provides non-pathologizing, trauma-informed, IFS-based psychotherapy for individuals and couples. We believe in the power of unconditional positive regard, the pursuit of connection (to oneself, other people and the greater world around us), and the inherent capacity for healing that exists in the minds, bodies and hearts of every human.

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There is something really special about the supportive energy that is uniquely experienced by doing life alongside people who can truly relate. Red Rocks Counseling is committed to providing relevant psychoeducational content and guided opportunities for personal healing and evolution. We are equipped for in-person groups as well as virtual courses. View and register online for our upcoming groups and classes!


Sara Waters is known for her bold content, creative approaches and relatable personality. She has a diverse range of speaking and facilitation experience and a reputation for getting participants to challenge old ways of thinking and making room for new growth, innovation, creativity and transformation.

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