Red Rocks Counseling was founded in 2013 by Owner, Sara Waters. Our team and range of services continues to expand with the rising need for mental health servicing and a growing acknowledgment that psychological wellness is a fundamental component of human health. Our job is to provide a comfortable environment and a safe relationship full of unconditional positive regard, accountability and tons of empathy while guiding your process of unpacking and reprocessing anything that is blocking the amazingness and the peace that already exists deep within you.



The goal of psychotherapy, as we see it, is to help you feel and function more authentically like yourself.
We strive to be a non-pathologizing, trauma-informed, IFS-based private practice.
Here’s what that means…


Assigning mental health pathology (diagnosis) feels yucky to us. We believe that psychological wellness is complex and that it deserves a more whole-person humanistic approach than what is often involved in checking boxes next to criteria and assigning pathological labels to a person. Unless assigning a specific diagnosis is in the best interest of the client (which, in rare cases, is true) we typically stick with the non-pathologizing approach.


Trauma can be defined as any event or prolonged pattern of events that activates our stress response system. Everyone has experienced trauma, and it has influenced the way we would otherwise think, react, make choices, engage in relationships and generally move through life. Trauma lives in our nervous systems and throughout our entire bodies. Traditional talk therapy is not, on its own, effective for the treatment and sustained healing from struggles of trauma. We believe in a healing process that involves the integration of cognitions (thoughts and beliefs), emotions and somatic (physical) sensations combined with the processes of acceptance and meaning making. We cannot erase your trauma (we aren’t wizards, unfortunately). But we can help you minimize reactivity and desensitize the intensity of stress response so that you can get back to the business of living a purposeful and joy-filled life.

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Internal Family Systems (IFS) utilizes the concepts of multiplicity of personality (similar to the breakdown of parts in the Disney Pixar film, Inside Out) and leadership of the Self in combination with systems thinking. IFS can help an individual create a healed and healthy inner environment while also providing a structure for life moving forward. At Red Rocks Counseling, we incorporate a bunch of different therapeutic and healing modalities depending on the unique needs and desires of each client. We have found that using IFS as a foundation for this work ultimately generates the most profound, sustaining and self-propelling healing and wellness.
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